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Funded by a grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board.











Image1) This picture shows a side view of two drain sections not yet joined together.

2) This is a close-up picture of two drains sections not yet joined together.Image

Note the indentation on the top of the drain on the left where the stake goes through the hole. This allows for flush mounting of the stake. Note the 4" overlap on the bottom of the drain on the right.

After the butyl tapesealant is placed, this allows for the top surface of the drain to be smooth. (Enough butyle tape for the number of extensions ordered comes with the order.) Also note the resemblance of asphalt concrete texture of the drains sections.

Image3) This picture shows two drain extensions pushed together with a steel stake joining the two extensions together.

The stakes are driven into the ground. A strip of byutal tape is placed between the two sections to seal the two sections together.

Image4) This picture shows the two drains extension pushed together with a stake ready to be driven into theground.

The stakes that come with the order are 19“ in length. (Note the stake lying inside the drain for the other side of the drain.)

Stakes can be preordered in different lengths to suit the type of soil the drains will be used in. Stakes are 3/4" schedule 40 galvanized pipe.

Image5) Installed and ready for rain. Image

6) Let it rain!