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Funded by a grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board.







Channel Size: 3’x3’
Weight: 36 lbs.
Surfaces: Smooth, all edges 1/8” radius.
Design: Modular drainage system. Patented interlocking design. Parts may be connected for desired lengths.
Hardness: Shore A 93.
Coefficient of Friction ASTM C 1028: Dry=0.69; Wet=0.50
Taber-Abrasion ASTM D: 1,000 weight load, H-22 (high abrasion) wheels at 12,000 cycles. Material loss of 5.06% indicates high wear property.
Compression Tolerance ASTM 4762: 50,000 5149 PSA Recovered 94%
Salt/Chloride & Magnesium Chloride Exposure ASTM B 117:
Product exposed for 24 hours. No change in surface; no stain or residue.
Xenox Arc Weathering: 200 hours UV testing. Lighting equivalent to outdoor daylight conditions and Temperatures not exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit. No change after exposure to sunlight two-year equivalent.
Freeze-Thaw ASTM C 1026: Product exposed to 15 cycles of freeze-thaw at 0 degrees. No change. No Facial defects. No signs of crazing, chipping, spailing or cracking.
Optical Density of Smoke E662: Average Dm Corrected Flaming: 97 Non-Flaming 120 450 or less is a passing score.

Premolded Modular Drain Schematic:
Click the image below to download a pdf of the schematic:Schematic